It is difficult to explain why we here in Norfolk have had the best year by far since taking over the Boatshed Norfolk franchise in September 2006.

Our sales for the nine months of this year (2010-2011) have already exceeded the previous 12 months by 50% and, already, within the first 2 weeks of January we now have seven boats under offer.

Last year saw some of the fastest sales ever! We had three boats sell within a week and many more were sold within the first month. The Boatshed websites attract many customers who can see exactly what the boats are like.

I have always felt that the recession has had a part to play in this significant increase in business. For years we have been told how bad things are and how much worse they are going to get and with the ridiculously low interest rates on savings it doesn't surprise me boat sales are on the increase.

When we travel abroad our pound buys us so much less than ever before and as a result, many of us are looking at ways of getting back that "feel good" factor by buying the boat we have dreamed of, feeling secure that in these current economic times a boat can often be an investment opportunity!

So given that many of our customers are not being put off any longer by the "doom and gloom" brigade the result has been a significant increase in used boat sales and activity for 2011.

Thanks to all our local marinas which have continued to support Boatshed Norfolk and are always helpful when boats need lifting out for a survey, handling refits or undertaking work for the new owners.

The Boatshed Norfolk website provides the ultimate shop window, which is updated in real time and can be viewed from the comfort of your own home. Many of our customers will be traveling long distances to view a particular boat and can see exactly what the boat looks like before they make the journey.

Here at Boatshed Norfolk, we are totally open and honest about a boat's condition - working with honesty, integrity and commitment. Because we take all the photographs, the boat is shown exactly as it is when we list it, giving No Surprises to you when you come and view the boat.

We at Boatshed Norfolk believe firmly in the notion that "people buy from people" and we do not force our beliefs on customers and we always offer "best advice". We always try to match boat's and customer's.

I personally hate being classed as a salesperson, I honestly believe that a customer will know if a boat is right for them within minutes of being on board and I see our role as being there to answer any questions and pointing out features the boat may have that are not easily seen.

We do not, therefore, constantly "pester" our customers after a viewing - all we ask is that if the customer doesn't like the boat for whatever reason, if they give us feedback so that we can find a boat more suitable.

How many times have you walked in to a store to be "pounced on" within seconds? This is another pet hate of mine and I dread to think that a customer of mine would ever see Boatshed Norfolk in the same light.

We are here to ensure that customers are totally comfortable during the entire boat buying process and know what is happening at every stage of the boat sale.

Another firm belief we all share is "communication all the way", keeping both owners and buyers fully informed throughout the process, even the minute details can mean so much to a buyer who is often parting with a lot of hard earned cash.

2011 is going to be another good year for used boat salesfor Boatshed Norfolk and one that will surpass 2010. So if you are thinking of selling or buying, give us a call-, we are always happy to chat about boats!! (And we need boats to sell!)

Contact the Boatshed Norfolk boat sales team here for more information about buying a boat or selling your boat
Boatshed Norfolk is a member of the British Marine Federation and the Boat Retailers and Brokers Association