No. 15 of 2012

Haven Bridge

Essential Maintenance Works

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that between 14th January 2013 and 22nd March 2013 essential maintenance works are to be carried out to the footpaths of the Haven Bridge. During this period bridge lifts will be restricted to the times of 09:00 and 16:15 on any day. Mariners requiring a lift at the aforementioned times are to confirm their requirement on the previous normal working day (Monday to Friday) before 16:45 by contacting Eastport UK Operations Department on 01493 335503 or 335522. In the event that no bridges are booked during a working day then no lifts will be possible on the following day.

Vessels that are able to pass safely under the bridge can continue to do so in the normal way.

Any queries concerning the works should be addressed to Norfolk County Council Resident Engineer Tim Ellis who can be contacted on 07885579597 or tim.ellis@norfolk.gov.uk

May Gurney Site representative Kevin Luxton who can be contacted on 07887692552 or kluxton@maygurney.co.uk

Captain P. J. McNamara

Harbour Master